Summer Christmas in Australia

I’ve had a number of colleagues in New York tell me that they cannot get over the idea of how jarring a summer Christmas would be — they say they want a white Christmas, that cold is what they think about when they think of Christmas. “Have you adjusted to a summer Christmas?” I am often asked. Honestly, how does one need to “adjust” to being warm?!

One of them has a fiance who is originally from LA, and she said she’s sick and tired of spending Christmas in LA, where it’s always warm and sunny. I told her she can do whatever she wants, but I’m perfectly happy being warm in a sunny place with Santas in trunks and on surf boards; I fully embrace warmth any time of the year. The only time I want to see snow is when I’m warm inside with a hot drink in my warm apartment. I’m over the snowmen and the snow ball fights completely. When people think of a snowy and white Christmas, they immediately forget how disgusting it can be when it’s piled up on the streets and mixed with mud, dirt, and dog pee and poo. They forget the salt everywhere ruining their shoes. They forget how slipper and dangerous it can be walking on black ice. I do not romanticize ANY of that in my head. I hate it all. But, I tolerate it because it’s only for a couple months, and it’s not like we get constant, steady snow in New York City.

Another thing I love about spending Christmas in Australia is how fun and festive it is everywhere. The Rudolph red noses, antlers, and tinsel on cars, people walking around on the street with Santa and elf hats, girls walking around with Santa and reindeer bouncy headbands, and people wearing “elf” T-shirts always cracks me up. On Christmas Day, families everywhere here will be snapping their Christmas crackers to unveil their paper crowns, which everyone is happy to wear, young and old. I also join in on the fun by totally acting my age and wearing the bouncy Santas headband myself. You can be quirky and whimsical here as an adult, and no one will think you are being childish. It’s just getting into the Christmas spirit.

Everyone’s allowed to have a preference. But my preference is warmth year-round. Who doesn’t want to be warm?

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