Schizophrenic weather in Melbourne

Sydney siders and Melbournians can be quite competitive in the same way that San Franciscans and Los Angeles residents can be. One of the biggest complaints I tend to hear from those who either live in Sydney or are from Sydney originally is that the weather in Melbourne is cold, unpredictable, and flat out schizophrenic. Here is an example of the weather pattern in the next five days here in Fahrenheit:

Friday, 20 Dec: 110 degrees

Saturday, 21 Dec: 83 degrees

Sunday, 22 Dec: 69 degrees

Monday, 23 Dec: 67 degrees

Tuesday, 24 Dec: 72 degrees

I think if you were to ask anyone, going from 110 degrees all the way down to 69 degrees in just two days is… quite extreme. It also makes getting dressed more challenging in the morning. From the perspective of someone who loves warm weather, I did not find this pleasant to see and plan out my next few days of clothes for, either. Then again, I have little to complain about since today in New York, the high was 18 degrees F. I’d take this schizophrenic weather over New York’s horrible winter any day, always.

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