Oven turn-on gone awry

For culture day, we either had to dress up in our culture’s dress, and/or bring in food that is from our culture. I brought in Vietnamese coconut cassava cake to share. Well, that almost never happened because last night when I was pre-heating the oven, I made a massive mistake and forgot to take out one plastic container that had fallen to the back of the oven, and a lot of plastic started burning and leaking.

Yes, I’m very Asian. I use my oven to store things, whether it’s baking pans, skillets, and even spare glass and plastic containers I use for storage. I’m usually very diligent about removing things from the oven, but this time, this single plastic container fell out of my roasting pan, and I totally missed it until I started smelling the burning smell. I was successfully able to remove the dripped plastic after it dried on the oven racks, but was unable to get it off in the undersides of the oven that I could not reach. So I asked for the handyman to come take care of it today. I hope they don’t hate me and think I’m really that careless. This has never happened before!

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