Spirit week

It’s been spirit week in our office this week, with a different theme every day. Monday was pajamas day, Tuesday was Hippie Day, today is celebrity day, tomorrow is culture day, and Friday is sports day. Today, I dressed up as Julia Child. Okay, that’s hard to do because she’s about a foot taller than me, is white, and also looks absolutely nothing like me, but I put on a collared button-up shirt as she normally wears under an apron, a strand of pearls (she usually wore a choker/pearl necklace in her cooking shows), and also brought a large wooden spoon to add to my apron pocket, also indicating I am a cook.

I never participated in Spirit Week in high school, but as an adult, it seems more fun for some reason, and I’ve taken more ownership over it. Plus, it’s just fun to see people dress up in ways they normally do not at work.

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