Ritz-Carlton Bacara

After two connecting flights and a short Uber ride, I arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara this late afternoon. It felt oddly familiar given that Chris and I had visited this property just four years ago as a potential wedding venue. It certainly is a luxurious resort with beautifully manicured lawns, roses, and bougainvillea, multiple pools, an extremely extensive spa and fitness club, and the beautiful Spanish tiling and architecture. I walked around the different areas where Chris and I checked out that had ocean and pool views and admired the coastal walk trail along the beach. This is definitely a nice getaway place.

While most people went out to downtown Santa Barbara to drink and party, I ended up going back to my room to read, do my video editing course, and sleep early to get ready for a day tomorrow of fitness classes, spa treatments, and relaxing. I felt my inner introvert come out when I declined going out with the crowd. My desire to socialize with a bunch of sales people is definitely not high. In general, I’ve never really gotten along well with sales because for the most part, to do well in sales, you have to be selfish with a high sense of self-orientation, and those personality types never do well with me. So this President’s Club weekend, while mostly a treat, is also a bit of a downer for me because it means I have to spend time with these people. And unsurprisingly, I spent most of the welcome reception socializing with other customer success managers and sales engineers.

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