Airport etiquette

When I am at the airport, I am on the move. In fact, I think everyone who is at an airport should be on the move. And when I say that, what I mean is… aren’t you there because you have a destination in mind that you need to get to? And that should involve not dawdling and blocking entire aisles and escalators when other people need to get through. I always thought that the accepted and standard escalator etiquette is to stand on one side, ensure all your luggage is on your same side, to then allow others who are passing you to… pass. Well, I’ve already transited the airport three times during this one trip, and it seems like people don’t seem to understand this. That, or that instead of one person and his luggage blocking the entire escalator, that his travel companion would insist on standing right beside him.

Maybe before anyone travels, he should be prepped on all the standard etiquette around not pissing off other travelers.

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