un-pedestrian friendly

I’m in Orlando for the next two days for work, and after finishing the day’s work from the hotel room this late afternoon, I started doing some quick research on what was good to eat that is walking distance from my hotel in downtown Orlando. Unfortunately, I ended up staying at a hotel which is on the grungier side of downtown: I’m right by a ton of construction, blocked off sidewalks, and a number of entrances to interstates and highways. I had to walk 5 blocks extra just to get to the sushi restaurant I planned to eat at simply because the entire area was not made suitable for anyone walking. As cars sped by me, I noticed some of them looking at my oddly. Why is she walking in Orlando? Everyone is driving here!

Then I remembered how I always so quickly forget but then am immediately reminded how unfriendly to pedestrians this entire country is outside of cities like New York, San Francisco, or Boston. These cities and this country wasn’t really built for people to walk and get around carless. So why is it any wonder that the obesity rate is getting worse and worse here?!

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