“Office culture”

The topic of good “work culture” often comes up at offices. Prospective employees interview and ask the question of what the office culture is like – is it positive, is it negative? What are the signs? How would you describe the office’s culture? But in an Instagram post that a colleague showed me, it could just be as simple as this:

“Office culture is someone bringing in donuts and everyone for some reason refusing to take a whole one and cutting off 3/8 of the donut. Then at the end of the day, there’s like 17/25ths of 9 different donuts left.”

It’s relevant today because a customer who’s been refusing to respond to any of my emails has been on my mind; I was determined to get them to accept a meeting with me before the end of this month. Since they are right in the financial district, I decided… what the hell. I’m going to show up at their office with a bag full of bagels and cream cheese. Everyone enjoys food, especially if it’s free. And then, they will feel guilt-ridden and feel like they have to finally accept a meeting with me. And while I’m at it, I”ll grab a dozen for the office, as well, because why not?

So I dropped off the bagels at the customer’s office downtown, then went back up to Flatiron to my office and put the bag of bagels, still warm, on the kitchen counter. And the swarms began immediately. While it was quiet when I came in, once the bagels appeared, the office became boisterous, endless chatter and laughter ensued, and a lot of carbs were consumed. Plus, I got endless “I love yous” and heartfelt thanks… all for a bunch of boiled bread.

That’s “good office culture” right there.


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