Photo printing at Duane Reade

I’ve really neglected my scrapbooking project for over a year now. My scrapbooking is meant to document our life, and well, mostly our travels, and as of now, I’d completed pages through September 2017, when we went to Hamilton Island for Chris’s cousin’s wedding, and the north island of New Zealand. That means that I’m nearly a year and a half overdue for updating. So the cheapest print option for about 230 4×6 photos ended up being at Duane Read, which I uploaded and ordered yesterday. I went to pick up the photos yesterday and was extremely irritated to find out that a lot of the pictures were poorly printed: faces and main parts of the photos were completely cut off, which made no sense because these were standard images. I ended up having to go to the pharmacy today to manually select every picture that was wrong, crop it exactly as I wanted it, and then had to wait until the end of the day to pick up the revised prints.

It always shocks me that in today’s day and age, when technology has advanced to the point where face recognition and AI are the thing now, that places like Duane Reade or CVS would have such archaic photo printing capabilities. The touch screens are too basic and are not as sensitive to touch as they should be (this results in semi-violent tapping on the bulky monitors), they regularly crash when a USB drive is inserted to read data, and why would there be a cropping option on a photo that was already a 4×6?! 

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