Midterm Elections 2018

I woke up at 6:20 this morning to get to the polls five blocks away to vote. I wanted to avoid the lines, especially since two years ago during the 2016 presidential elections, I waited about half an hour in line before I got to the booth, and that was only around 7:30am. I got in at about 6:45, scanned by ballot, and was out by 7 and at the gym by 7:15am. It was probably my most productive morning this entire year.

My general feelings are tempered today. I feel pretty cynical and still burnt from what happened two years ago. I won’t get my hopes up. The Senate will likely still remain Trump party dominated. The House has a chance. I’m hoping that stupid Ted gets taken down by Beto even though it doesn’t look likely. But what I actually left the polls today thinking about was how grateful we all should be for the poll workers, all there to help citizens of this lazy country perform their civic duty and have their voices heard. They were all so friendly, explaining things to voters, directing people through the right hallways and rooms, making sure that everyone knew where each part had to be done, all while smiling and being extremely patient.

I got there at 6:45 this morning. I’m positive they got there at least an hour or two earlier than that. These people help restore some of my faith in humanity. Some people are actually doing work that they genuinely care about that has some meaning and will positively impact others. I hope people were kind to them today when they came in to vote.

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