Kosher turkey complaint

I really did not want to be that customer who complains about her turkey that had feathers and pins on it, but after spending two hours hand- and tweezer-plucking these things out of the turkey skin as well as hurting my right hand from the constant repetitive motion, and getting confirmation from my friend who works at a grocery store that this probably was not normal, I decided to stop in to the customer service desk today to see how they’d react when I showed them my receipt, my pictures of the feathers and pins, and explained to them what happened to my hand after two hours. The customer service rep who assisted me could not hide his disgust; his eyes widened, and he immediately called for his manager to approve the next steps. I wasn’t even sure how to word it; what did I want, anyway? A partial refund? A gift card? Some form of compensation? Surprisingly, and I really did not expect this at all, but they actually gave me a full refund on the turkey and even threw in a $10 gift card as a goodwill gesture.

Well, I guess Amazon buying Whole Foods wasn’t such a bad idea after all; their refund policy is just like Amazon’s now!


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