Australian lamb

Chris and I both love lamb, and we both agree that Australian or New Zealand lamb is far superior to American lamb. The main reason is that lamb raised in Australia and New Zealand eat what they are supposed to eat — grass. They have land to roam and run along and graze. They can actually act like the animals they are. In the U.S., who knows what access to light and air and grass they have. They are likely primarily fed corn and grain and all the other disgusting things they should not be eating. It also doesn’t help that lamb in general in the U.S. is just so expensive.

So I was excited a couple months ago when I made a Costco trip to see the meat section filled with Australian lamb legs and racks. The price was probably half of what you typically see lamb for at Whole Foods or other supermarkets here, so I picked up a lamb leg and decided I’d finally try out the slow-roasted lamb with homemade Harissa paste recipe I’d had bookmarked for years now. I made my own Harissa paste out of ancho chilies, cumin, coriander, garlic, and other spices and herbs, rubbed the lamb leg, marinated it, and slow roasted it in the oven for five hours, then served it with a garlicky yogurt spread and asparagus. It’s amazing how satisfying a huge hunk of slow roasted meat is at your dinner table. It felt like low effort compared to the satisfaction it brought to us. I’m going to add lamb leg as a “must-buy” item to my Costco list every time I make the trek out there now.

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