Old neighborhood

Today, we went back to Elmhurst, Queens, which is my original neighborhood that I lived in when I first moved to New York City almost ten years ago. A lot of my most favorite restaurants are still in Elmhurst, mainly because of the diversity of the cultures and foods, and the low price points, as well. The neighborhood has changed quite a bit since I lived there: the rents and property values have gone up significantly, more potentially trendy bars have opened, and even more interesting restaurants have since opened in the Asian and Latin categories. Some of the things I’ve enjoyed have remained the same, though: my beloved Indian Chinese restaurant, which we had a late lunch at today, the hand-pulled noodle and handmade dumpling shop (which has actually expanded and moved into a larger location); my favorite Chinese supermarkets. More delicious Thai restaurants have opened, and even Thai dessert spots have started appearing, which excites me given that Thai desserts aren’t very well known. It’s comforting to know that I can come back to my original New York neighborhood and still feel at home and find the foods I love.

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