Day off

In New York, we’re used to waiting in stupidly long lines for everything from barbecue to basic brunch (and I mean… really basic) to ramen (not the Cup of Noodle variety, no). So when I found out I had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off, I figured.. what better way to spend the day honoring such an influential figure than strategically going to places that normally have lines, but probably won’t on a weekday cold winter morning?

Okay, so I only made it to one spot in the morning given my workout went a bit long (had to run four miles to justify the indulgence of today), and I ended up at Super Moon Bakehouse, the sister bakery of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco, the home of the “cruffin” – the croissant-muffin hybrid. And.. I got a little carried away since I ended up taking home six baked goods that wouldn’t necessarily be called cheap.

But the chocolate dipped passion fruit curd filled cruffin… was a piece of glory. The passion fruit curd was just a bit tart and authentically fruity. It had a LOT of curd that just oozed out. And the base of the cruffin was extremely crunchy and shattered everywhere this morning. I could easily do this once a year every year, and maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad.

It was a beautiful day.

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