The world really needs more kind people. We need more smart people, yes, but we also need more kindness to enable the belief that the world is really a good place full of good people. If no one believes in the world, then no one wants to help it get any better, right?

Since I’ve moved to New York, I’ve encountered many kind people… and certainly many of the opposite. But it’s the little kindnesses of strangers that make me believe in this city. When I’ve unknowingly dropped a glove on the seat next to me in the subway and someone actually walks after me to give me that glove, when someone’s told me that my backpack was open (which had my work laptop conspicuously sitting in it), when people have offered to help carry my massive luggages up the stairs that first subway trip I moved to New York with two massive bags — each time, I’ve been really grateful and happy. So when I hear people say that New Yorkers are shitty, selfish, impatient, awful people, it personally annoys me. For the most part, I look at this city as full of people who are all here to help each other; we kind of have to given that we’re such a terrorist target.

Today, our favorite handyman came to our apartment with half a bottle of one of his favorite whiskeys. He’s done favors for us when he hasn’t had to. He randomly just thinks of us when he has certain thoughts or advice he wants to give on everything from restaurants to cooking techniques to even apartment things. When I see people like him, I think, wow. We’re so lucky to have met such generous, kind people in a city that is seemingly so anonymous and out for themselves.

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