Making progress

I hauled a bunch of flattened boxes and bubble wrap from my office back home this week. I figure that since my office move just happened that our office manager would be fine to give me all the moving supplies that she’d inevitably throw out, so that was a big bonus for me. And today, I finally sold our first item, our coffee table. The guy who picked it up apparently had some freak accident in his apartment and broke his coffee table in half, so he was looking on Craigslist for a cheap but sturdy replacement. After inspecting our table and looking at the few scratches on top, he paid me and took it out of our building. I’ve sold another item on eBay, and someone is coming to the building to buy one of my old computers tomorrow.

We’re making progress on the move, and we’re still over a month away from moving. This is feeling pretty good so far.

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