Uber CEO resigns

One of the greatest things that happened this year is when the female engineer named Susan Fowler, who formerly worked at Uber, wrote an expose piece about the blatant sexism and discrimination she faced while working at the once-respected tech startup. It highlighted the fact that women are still not considered equals in society no matter what all these ignorant morons out there say, and that we’re not even close. We’ve made mere baby steps since the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s, and that’s pretty embarrassing for what is supposedly one of the most developed and richest countries in the world. Some say, be grateful for what you have and that you are even allowed to even work or own property or go to school alongside men in your country. I say… no, Dumb Shit, we need to be improving ourselves and getting better and better every day. As in everyday life, why would I want to compare myself to someone who is a low achiever when I want to be a high achiever?

But the saddest thing for me in seeing the eventual downfall and resignation of Travis Kalanick is that I know that the atrocities I faced at my last company are so small and insignificant in comparison, and the strong women I know who have left that company will likely never speak out against them, partly due¬†to not wanting attention, and mostly due to wanting to move on and forget the hell that they left. But as in Susan Fowler’s case, one person’s voice could make massive changes. In cases like the horrible place I left, it feels like justice will never be served, and they will continue to live in their delusional and discriminatory world.

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