New York real estate brokers and management companies

Are the worst. Where could it possibly get worse in real estate than in New York in this country?

We went to take a look at a few apartments in Lincoln Square and Columbus Circle, and I really did not like one of the leasing agents at all. One of them I hadn’t even interacted with, as I communicated with her partner, but she didn’t even want to come down to the lobby to see me unless I specified a budget. “Well, you need to tell me what your budget is.” “In New York, nothing can be perfect. You have to pick and choose. Closet space or natural light? Big kitchen or big living room? What’s it gonna be?” “The reason I keep asking about budget is that I really don’t want to waste your time or mine. Sometimes, I get people coming in and they ask, ‘Well, I’m looking for a one-bedroom for $3,500/month, so what do you have to show me?’, and I have to say I have nothing because our prices are much higher than that.” These are all the annoying, pushy things you hear when you’re looking for a new apartment in the metropolis that is Manhattan.

We even were told of a full-floor penthouse in a building in Lincoln Square that was $45,000 per month in rent. At that point, why would people just not buy? I guess once you’re talking about rent in the five-figures, money probably doesn’t mean much to you at all.

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