Change in dreams

Every time I have a bad dream, Chris always says it’s because when I go to sleep, I subconsciously or consciously am having negative thoughts. “You need to think about happy things before you go to bed, otherwise you will keep waking up in the morning and getting mad at me for doing bad things to you during your dreams,” he admonishes. Well, I don’t always get mad at him. But he does often bully me in my dreams. It’s probably because he spends so much time making fun of me in real life.

Well, last night I clearly had happy thoughts. The first dream I remember, we were on a plane to some Scandinavian country, and we were exploring the rugged beauty there. Then, we were traveling somewhere else tropical. And finally, I dreamt we were sleeping, and he wet the bed. Hmm… I’m not sure that last one was “happy.”

I told him this when I woke up, and he said, “Well, what can I say? I had to go.”


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