I’ve never really followed fashion trends much. It’s not that I don’t like to wear interesting clothes or jewelry, but more that I tend to get annoyed very easily by the mere act of trying on clothing or the actual search itself. I don’t find much joy in dressing up a shirt with a belt, or wearing piles of bangles on my wrists to make my outfit look more stylish. After high school, I really got over the excitement of going shopping with friends at a mall or shopping center and always dreaded the idea that I needed to buy something new for some occasion, whether it was a wedding or for an internship.

The other reason I get annoyed by shopping is that what I tend to like ends up being really expensive. I’m sure most people with any decent taste would agree with me when I say that. Today, I tried on a pair of aviator sunglasses with an interesting cross design above the nose. It seemed quite unique to me, and I noted the price even though I was undecided whether this pair really flattered my face. I went online and started looking at similar pairs and found a pair I liked a lot. And this pair ends up being over three times as expensive as the original pair I was unsure about. Okay, the search needs to stop right here.

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