Mad dash

After my client meeting this afternoon, my colleagues and I decided to ask our Uber driver to stop by the nearest Publix supermarket so that the three of us could grab their famous subs before heading to the airport. I got my much coveted roast beef and provolone sub sandwich, and because we so conveniently hit traffic, I got to the airport with only 20 minutes to spare before boarding was to begin. And lucky me, the Fort Lauderdale airport so conveniently decided to close the TSA pre-check line 40 minutes before I got there (“due to peak period being over”), so I had to get in the regular line. The only consolation I got was that I didn’t have to remove my jacket and shoes. I still had to take out my laptop.

What is the point of paying for TSA pre-check when these TSA agents arbitrarily decide to close the TSA pre-check line whenever they feel like it? I get that FLL is not a major airport, but they can’t just shut this down when there are customers who actually paid money for this speedy access. What else do they do all day, anyway? They clearly don’t do their jobs since I’ve gotten past security in the regular lines not just without taking out my liquids, but even with a bottle that was over 3 ounces large. Got to love their thought process.

I ended up getting through security 10 minutes before boarding time. What a mad dash – the crazy lone Asian girl running through the airport that has little to no Asians in it.

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