I wear a blazer about once or twice a year. It is always at more serious client meetings because at every company I have ever worked at, suits or ties or formal wear are too stuffy, and the norm is to see people come to work wearing t-shirts or jeans or even sneakers. Yesterday, I wore one to my meeting, and because I went straight from my meeting to Publix and then to the airport, I wore it to the airport. The small thing I’ve noticed the times I wear my blazer versus times I do not is that somehow, people will always treat me a little bit better when I wear it. When on route to Florida, I was really dressed down, and most flight attendants would barely say “thank you” or “have a good day” as I exited the plane. With this freaking blazer on, everyone’s trying to greet me or say something to me.  I realize this is all anecdotal, but people really do judge and treat you by what you wear.

My dad used to complain about this when he would go to places like Macy’s or other department stores in his clothes from work (he was a glazier), and pretty much no one would give him service. But if he came in with a simple collared shirt and slacks (the rare times that happened, that is), people would rush up to him and ask him if he needed help. People treat me better when I am dressed up versus dressed down at stores, at airports – everywhere. If I just put on a little bit of makeup versus leaving the house with none on, people will smile at me more and say hi more at stores. I don’t like this, but nothing can be changed about this. This is the society in which we live, where people are just superficial without even trying to be.

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