Since we’re leaving for Brazil in 11 days, I figured I would try to learn some basic Portuguese for our time there. My first time repetitively hearing Portuguese on a loud speaker was while I was waiting for our turn at the Brazilian consulate, and that, needless to say, was quite aggravating. Now that I am listening to it more, It sounds a lot more flowing and mellow than Spanish does to me. It’s confusing because some words sound very similar (the number three), while other words have absolutely nothing in common (thank you = gracias = obrigado(a)).

I was telling someone today that I was practicing and learning basic phrases, and he asked me if I was using Rosetta Stone. No, I responded. I’m actually just using YouTube! It’s amazing all the things you can learn just by going to YouTube. No wonder so many people waste so much time on it. All I need are three minutes per video, and I already can learn 2-4 different phrases. I don’t think my accent is terrible, either…

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