1SE solution

Since upgrading my poor, obselete iPhone 4S to iOS7, I’ve been experiencing a lot of bugs. Apps I regularly use, such as Facebook, Instagram, and even mail, take 5-10 times as long to load as they previously did. The worst issue I’ve encountered since this “upgrade” is that one of my favorite apps, 1 Second Every Day (1SE) constantly crashes. I will be cutting a video for a given day, and it will crash. Then, it will only allow me to cut and save a video if I only use the very first second of the video, which defeats the whole purpose of cutting the clip. It’s made me fall severely behind because I’m trying to make a 1 Second Every Day video for each month.

Then I realized I could stop complaining about it and just reset my iPhone when the app repeatedly crashed. What a good solution. 🙂 And now I’ve finished April and May finally and have caught up!

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