The Upper East Side is not a trendy area of Manhattan by any means. It’s a nice, safe, family-friendly area that is known for the old rich, Jews, new parents with their new babies, and nannies pushing around strollers during midday. So it was a really nice surprise when about two years ago, JBird opened up on East 75th Street serving really creative cocktails that you would normally find at places like Little Branch or Please Don’t Tell further downtown. The food is pretty good, too. Since its opening, we’ve taken many people here – my best friend, Chris’s brother, parents, his cousins and their significant others (tonight), and other friends.

Even though it’s not “trendy,” I love this neighborhood. I love that I always feel safe walking its streets no matter what time of day or night it is. I love that there is a decent supermarket within walking distance, that Central Park is minutes away, and that I can walk down the street and see seasonal flowers lining the sidewalks. I love that there’s a bus stop right outside our door with a bus that will take us cross town to the Upper West Side. I love that H&H Bagels is right around the block (and that everyone there is always really friendly with me, unlike the Upper West Side location…), that ┬áRite Aid is, as well, and that there are a few reliable dining spots that Chris and I enjoy here. Everyone wants to move downtown, but I am quite happy right here.

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