Tonight, Chris and I went with his cousin and her boyfriend visiting from Melbourne to the Comedy Cellar for dinner and comedy. Since moving to New York, I’ve probably been to the comedy cellar about five times. There are usually 4-5 comedians plus the host that do their stand-up act each show, yet during all of those times there, I never once recall seeing a female comedian. They are always men.

I’m not a funny person (not intentionally, anyway), so I could never see as a comic, but I personally think that women are held to a higher standard when they are comedians than men are. Men can just sit there and make a stupid face and people will laugh; if women did the exact same thing, it might get a few chuckles, if even that. Men are allowed to be crass and act stupid, but when women do the exact same things, they aren’t perceived or taken the same way. That’s the case at work, in social circles, and in public. It’s another frustrating reality.

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