Chocolate banana bread

I made two loaves of double chocolate banana bread tonight. It’s the first time I’ve made banana bread with chocolate, and two types – cocoa powder and dark chocolate chunks. I realize I haven’t baked anything for my office since I have started working there last August. I used to bake all the time and share when I was at my last company… Until I started getting jaded and realized it was a bad place for me to be.

I’ve become a lot more hesitant to share food, especially things I have made, with my colleagues in general. Part of the reason for this is that I really just don’t think that the average person appreciates anything that is homemade or handmade. Most people just take it for granted; most people won’t even say thank you. Homemade food is a rarity in New York; pretty much no one you know will ever invite you over for a home-cooked meal here. It takes a lot of time and energy, and although homemade food is generally cheaper than food in restaurants, in New York, groceries aren’t that cheap, so your homemade meal may not be as cheap as you thought.

I’ll bring some in tomorrow and see what people’s reactions are. I’m sure I have an idea of what it will be – some people will be really excited; others will be the same jerks they always are. People will be who they are.

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