Oh, Manhattan

Sometimes, I get exasperated at the costs of living in Manhattan. I realize (and am repeatedly reminded) that by global standards, New York City is not that expensive, but given that I have only lived in the U.S., this is a pretty damn expensive place to be. I’ve learned two annoying things in the last two days:

1. I’ve decided to start scrapbooking again, and Michael’s crafts store has always been my favorite crafts store. When I did a search to find their coupons on their website, I find out that the weekly coupon is 20% off in Manhattan, whereas in Queens, where I used to live, it is 40%. Apparently, I can’t save as much money if I live in Manhattan.

2. I recently used my Working Advantage employee discount to purchase $7 Regal Entertainment Group movie tickets. When we went to use the passes to get tickets to see Wolf of Wall Street today, there was an additional $2.50 per ticket surcharge – but only in Manhattan. I guess I forgot to read the fine print before I purchased 10 of these. At least I have my AMC passes, which have no surcharge.

These are tiny complaints, but there’s no logical reason why either of these cases have to screw me over just because I am living in Manhattan.

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