Chris and I have spent the last day organizing our lives – our cabinets, our files, my clothes, our backup drives and digital photos. It’s been an exhausting process, but now, it’s finally done. Now, I can use some of that organizing for the scrapbook I will be putting together that will showcase our life together.

One thing of many that Chris and I share is that we are both very goal-driven. Just for 2014, we spent a weekend working on goals, and not just a list of five or ten, but goals by category (some examples are self-improvement, work, education, books to read, volunteering/charity, New York activities, travel priorities, photography). It’s crazy to revisit this list, which we will be doing at least once a month on our own and together, but it’s one way that we motivate each other to be better people and to be true to our words, and ultimately to ourselves.

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