Just four days ago, we left a summery Melbourne to return to the dismal biting wind and snow that is wintery New York City. Tomorrow evening, we are anticipating snow fall of about 7-8 inches (17.8-20.3 cm). This isn’t something I am jumping up and down about.

So the first thought that comes to mind when the snow starts piling up is that I have zero desire to go anywhere during these weekends, and all I want to do is hibernate in our cozy apartment – hibernation means watching meaningless things, reading, and of course, researching countless recipes that will bring hot and hearty meals to our table. Right now, I am thinking about lasagna bolognese, turkey chili, jook, tom yum noodle soup, and Thai fried rice.

I also have zero desire to socialize, go to Meetups, or talk to anyone outside of my apartment right now. That probably isn’t the best way to start off the new year, but when it’s cold, it’s hibernation time – at least, for now.


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