I have a sister?

What a way to bring in the new year. I had a dream I had a sister. Who committed suicide.

In my dream, I am with my mother, who is sobbing over the fact that Ed has just died by his own hand (well, more like jump). I am at home, but I need to get some fresh air, so I leave the house for a few hours. Suddenly, my mom calls, and she says that my sister was so distraught at the news that Ed was gone that she decided to join him. She took the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge and jumped off, too. Within the span of 36 hours, she has lost two out of three of her children by the same cause at the same place. I don’t know what to say and hang up. And then I wake up.

I should try to be positive about this. Maybe a bad first dream of the new year is a sign that the new year will be that much better than the previous year?

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