We just came back from our New Zealand trip last night, and though I miss the terrain and the greenery and the shapes of the clouds, I realized that I don’t think I could ever live somewhere like that – at least, not in this stage of my life. It’s a great place to go for a holiday or have a wedding, but living wise, I think I would get quite bored after a while. I’ve been told that even in the North Island, which has the bigger cities Wellington and Auckland, things never get as bustling as they do in cities like Melbourne or Sydney, so eventually the idyllic beauty that is New Zealand would cause me to miss city life and run back to it. The population of New Zealand is just under 4.5 million people… and about 60 million sheep. While the sheep are cute to look at when driving by in a car once a while, I would likely start getting annoyed by them, even if they are quite tasty.

Now that I’ve been to New Zealand, maybe I will finally watch Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit especially now that I know what New Zealand looks like, and I know that this beauty has not been enhanced by clicks on a computer. .

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