“Mummy not here!”

People always say with children that the days are long, but the weeks / years are short. All the cute, sweet moments are often forgotten and lost in the depths of your mind. That’s partly why I write about them — so that if/when I do forget, I will always have a log to go back to and remember what cute, sweet things Kaia did that gave me warm and fuzzy feelings.

The last few weeks, I’ve been trying my best to get to the gym by 6:30am for an hour-long workout. It always makes me feel much more productive to start the day earlier, and it also means I don’t feel like I’m in a rush every morning to get my workout, shower, dressing done before turning on my computer, after Kaia leaves for school. This also means that sometimes, I can walk Kaia to school. It also means I can have a more leisurely morning preparing my tea and reading the news.

Kaia tends to wake up sometime between 6:50-7:15, and when she does, she will usually go to her book shelf, grab a book, then mozy her way over (still in her sleep sack!) to our bedroom. Sometimes, she goes to Chris’s side of the bed first, and other times, she goes to my side. As of late, she’s been going to my side, but alas, I haven’t been there since I’ve been at the gym. So she thinks I’m “hiding” underneath the covers, which I find absolutely hilarious, and she’ll pull the covers down to “find” me. When she realizes I’m actually not there after pulling the covers down to see no one, she will say “YThi not here,” or “mummy not here.” And then Chris will respond, “YThi at the gym.” Then, Kaia will repeat, “YThi at the gym.”

And when I return from the gym about half an hour after she wakes up, as soon as I open the door and put my keys in the basket, she will happily yell out, “Hi, mummy-dear!” before she even sees me. Then, I go up to her to kiss her and give her exaggerated “sniffs” on her hair, which makes her giggle. And I ask her if she slept well.

Witnessing these moments of innocence of young childhood never ceases to warm my heart and makes me think that becoming a parent is more than worth all the effort and exhaustion.

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