“Mummy, poop!”

When you have a baby or toddler crawling/running around, there’s really no such thing as “boundaries.” Your space is their space, and their space is your space. Literally everything is shared, whether it’s your breasts (assuming you’re breastfeeding) or your time on the toilet.

In the last couple of months, Kaia has been expressing intrigue over the toilet, especially when she sees me go. To encourage her curiosity, I always let her come into the bathroom with me when I have to use the toilet, and I explain the steps of using the toilet. The other day, though, she suddenly insisted that I go poop. She dragged me over to the toilet, lifted the toilet lid, pointed into the toilet, and demanded, “Mummy, poop! Poop!”

I told her that that’s not how it works; I didn’t actually have to go. Kaia got really upset and kept insisting that I go poop. I told her “no” repeatedly. Finally, when she realized that I definitely wasn’t going to poop in the toilet, she once again splayed her body all over the bathroom floor and cried.

Welp, I wasn’t expecting that — a tantrum because mommy refused to go poop on demand. Interesting toddler moments, and another one to remind her of when she’s older.

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