Kaia’s new floor mattress

This weekend, Chris finally took Kaia’s new floor mattress/bed out of the box and let it poof up. On Saturday, she slept on it for the first time. And last night, I slept with her on the bed. I’ve been staying with her at night, at least partially, to encourage her to sleep in her own bed. Like last year, when we returned from Australia, she just wanted to sleep with us and hated being by herself. So at some point during the night, especially now that she can walk and open doors, she would creep back into our bedroom and plop herself onto her bed. Most of the time, she wouldn’t cry or whine; she’d just quietly make her way back, sliding back to our room in her sleep sack and all. Last year, she cried because she was trapped in her crib and had no way of getting out. She also couldn’t walk back then. It’s crazy how times have changed. Now, she is mobile and goes pretty much everywhere she wants. We’ve even had to bolt the front door to ensure she doesn’t escape the apartment.

We’re hoping that after a few more nights, I can sneak out of her bedroom and have her sleep alone. While I tried this a few times last week, she somehow managed, for a few nights, to sneak her way back in shortly after I left. Toddlers are more all knowing than we want to admit; even when they appear to be fast asleep, they always have at least half an eye on us. Sneaky, sneaky!

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