Pookster: 2 going on 12-13

Pookster, as with almost all our trips, has adjusted really well to the 16-hour time difference this past week. Every night, she has slept the full night in her own (floor) bed. The only area that’s been a bit iffy is whether she knows what time it is to eat and when she’s actually hungry. But I’ll take the sleeping-through-the-night over the all-over-the-place eating/hunger any day. I know she will make up for the calories at some point later.

But I will say: fighting with her over getting her into her high chair or putting on her silicone bib to eat is not fun. The other day, I chased her around the kitchen area after telling her it was time to eat dinner.

“Pooks! It’s time to eat dinner!” I called.

“No! No!” she yelled back, running away.

I followed behind her, holding her bib and positioning it so that I could put it around her neck.

“Yes, it’s dinner time!”

She turned back, glared at me, and then turned her back towards me. “No! I do what I want!”

Chris’s mom and I both did a double take and looked at each other, then started laughing. Did she really say what we think she just said? And who the heck taught her how to say that…?! She just turned 2, but she’s already giving me all this attitude and grief! I was not prepared for this!

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