Quirky statues in Old Town Bratislava

One of the quirky things I learned about Bratislava is that in an era post Communism and after Slovak independence, the local government wanted to change the image of Bratislava to be more welcoming and to bring people back to the old town district. To do that, they decided it would be fun to install a bunch of quirky, thought-provoking sculptures and statues, which included the very famous Cumil the sewage worker. “Cumil” in Slovak means “watcher,” — he is alternatively known as “Cumil the peeper” or “Cumil the Sewage Worker”, as he appears with his head poking out of a sewer just a block away from the main square.

Kaia found Cumil particularly curious. She kept staring at him and walking around him, and even kicked him once or twice, likely to see if he were real. It was a fun, unique sight during our Bratislava trip, and one that was definitely different from most statues we see during our travels.

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