“Curbside” pickup at Sephora goes awry

Ever since the pandemic, “curbside pickup” seems to be a very popular option for people who just want to order online and pick up in-store without doing any shopping. As someone who really does not enjoy going to malls and browsing, and absolutely hates trying on clothes, this would generally appeal to me. However, it doesn’t always work out when you designate what you want, choose the location of the store for in-store pickup, and then you get an email hours later stating that said-item, which was supposed to be in stock at the store, is no longer there. Sephora has a sale until November 6, so I thought I would take advantage of it… And while I did, I only was able to successfully get 1 out of three desired items. What’s the point of doing in-store pickup and shopping online then? At that rate, I might as well just shop in the store, ensure they actually have what I want, and then buy! It felt like a total waste of time even going on the site. I got a cancelled order message twice in the last two days for two different items, so I am not a fan of the current state of Sephora online ordering/in-store pickup.

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