the battle of the blinds

The last month has been quite hot in New York. While we usually leave all the blinds open to enjoy the floor-to-ceiling windows in our living area, I had to start pulling a number of them down because the apartment was just getting too hot. Even with the air conditioner running, it was like it was still hot and and miserable in the apartment, as though the AC wasn’t even on! So I pulled down 3-4 of them and immediately noticed a temperature difference when I came back into the room.

Chris absolutely hates it when the blinds are closed. He wants as much natural light as possible around the clock. He doesn’t care that the light can bleach furniture or photos. He doesn’t care that it can interfere with how hard the AC has to work to cool the room. He just wants them all open, all day and all night long. We’re paying for these large windows, so we need to maximize the value of them, right? So when he saw that I pulled the binds down, he was not very happy. But, he recognized that yes, the apartment was actually cooler with the blinds drawn down. So he kept them down.. until night time, when he would, like clockwork, go to pull them up.

So now, this is what we do: on particularly hot days, I pull the blinds down at some point in the afternoon, and in the evening, he will pull them up again. It’s almost like a mini unspoken battle of the blinds in this apartment during the summer time. Even Pookster is fascinated with the blinds being drawn because she’s not used to seeing them move, ever!

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