Daycare bug

Last week, we noticed a lot of kids being out of the classroom. I just assumed it was due to summer vacations, so I didn’t think much of it until one of the teachers told me at pickup that a bug has been going around, and the kids have been getting sick. On ne day I went in last week, the teacher said that a kid had to get picked up not even at the half-day mark because she was so ill. I braced myself: at some point, that bug is going to get Kaia, and well, eventually me, too. I share food and utensils with her all the time, and because I am hyper anti-waste, I even eat all her leftover lunch food (yes, my parents constantly guilting me about not wasting food when I was little has stayed with me until now).

Kaia was feverish on Friday. It went up to 104 on Saturday night. It came down with some medication on Sunday, but since, she’s had congestion, lots of phlegm and cough, an on and off fever going up to 102 F, and in general, is just not quite herself. She still gets excited about music, but when it comes to food, she just doesn’t want to eat much. Though tonight, she did eat some of my (watered down for her) matzo soup that Chris got me. I’ve picked up pretty much all her symptoms, as well, minus the fever.

I slept for about 3 hours straight this afternoon, and when I woke up, I couldn’t even believe I slept that long in the middle of the day. But I suppose that’s just how tired my body was. In these moments, I just think: I don’t know how people with traditional office jobs do paid work AND parenting at the same time, especially when being sick themselves!

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