Pier 57 – child friendly, and not

It was a rainy day today, so Chris decided that we’d stay in Manhattan and not venture too far out, especially since the rain seemed to start pouring in bursts that were unpredictable. We ended up checking out the new food hall that opened at Pier 57 about a month ago, which includes one of our favorite New York ice cream spots that originally only had one brick and mortar location in Brooklyn. Since it’s a new development, I knew that finding a changing station in the bathroom would be a no brainer, so I didn’t need to worry about crouching down on the floor and changing Kaia’s diaper on dirty cement. However, when we sat at stools by Zaab Zaab, a Thai food counter in the food hall, no high chairs were to be seen anywhere. In fact, when I asked one of the workers if they had any, he shook his head and said they did not supply high chairs for babies. We decided to plop Kaia into one of the adult stools and just shove the stool really far in, while carefully monitoring her to ensure she didn’t fall out. She didn’t seem to mind and actually enjoyed her view of the counter.

Welp. They’re following the laws and ensuring there are changing tables for babies in their public restrooms. They just failed on the other part: ensuring caregivers and parents can easily and comfortably feed their babies and young toddlers in public.

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