First sick day from daycare

After just five days at her school, Kaia has already gotten sick. She was already a little feverish overnight from Thursday to Friday. She vomited a little in class on Friday according to her teacher. And Friday night, I could tell that she had phlegm in her throat and was definitely coughing. I had to do multiple nose sucks out of her nose over the weekend, resulting in a LOT of boogers and gunk coming out. It was unpleasant for all of us. And that doesn’t even include the trail of snot and goo she left all over our duvet cover since she refused to sleep on her crib bed. She had a fever above 100 F on and off. So Chris suggested she stay at home with us for an extra day to recover and get extra TLC from us, especially with all her nose wiping and her meals. She, along with almost all babies/toddlers, never eat as well when they are under the weather.

This will be our new reality given she’s going to be exposed to all the germs and all the different boogery, snotty kids at daycare moving forward. It was inevitable that she’d get exposed sooner rather than later, so I’m just bracing myself and hoping hard that she will not be sick every week.

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