One week at daycare, and the Pookster is already sick

I cannot count the number of stories I have heard from friends, colleagues, and ex-colleagues regarding what a cesspool daycares are for babies and young toddlers. This is part of the reason I was really against Kaia being in daycare when I went back to work at around 20 weeks age. All I thought about was: she’ll be sick every day! Then, we’ll get sick every day and have to take time off! She won’t be accepted at daycare when she’s sick, or she’ll be sent home! Plus, they’ll muck up all my breast milk and not handle it properly! As an exclusive pumping mama, that really freaked me out. At the end of the day, all children need to build up their immune systems sooner or later, and at some point, we have to let them go out into the “wild,” or daycare/school. So they will get sick sooner or later. The question is: when do we want to allow that to finally happen?

Well, Kaia survived five consecutive days of daycare. On Thursday night, Chris said she seemed a bit feverish. Then, she apparently vomited a little in class on Friday, according to the teacher. After she vomited, though, she seemed happy again and ate pretty much all her lunch and snacks. But this morning, she woke up boogery, coughing, and a little feverish. I also woke up this morning with a slightly sore throat. But alas, we have no way of knowing whether little Kaia’s throat is sore.

I guess we’re no exception to having kids getting sick at daycare quite quickly. I just hope this doesn’t happen every single week.

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