Mangoes are in season, once again

This time last year, I was surprised when I went to Whole Foods to see that the champagne/ataulfo mangoes from Mexico were on sale, which means they were available and plentiful. It made me excited because a) I obviously love mangoes, and b) when mangoes are in season, you know warmth is right around the corner. So Chris bought six, and then I went back to Whole Foods to look for other things and also picked up five more. So now, we have 11 mangoes sitting by our window sill, waiting to ripen and be eaten. And because our nanny also loves mangoes, she’s been looking at and monitoring our mangoes to see if they ripen and if they turn out to be any good. She reminded me that if it weren’t for working here and for me, she never would have started buying the ataulfo mangoes. She was always used to buying the Haitian mangoes, which I personally find a bit too stringy. Now, she’s addicted and prefers the ataulfos while in the U.S.

I hope Kaia enjoys them this time around. It was a bit weird that she didn’t seem too fond of any of the mango varieties other than one in Australia when we were there in December.

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