Rising inflation for food in Australia

While everyone back in the U.S. has been complaining endlessly about rising food costs in the last year, it seems like it may be impacting Australia far harder, especially being so far away from most of the world. It has not been uncommon for the cost of some basic food staples to go up anywhere from 3-4x. At Bun Bun Bakery, which we visited this past Monday, I had read on Google Reviews that just three months ago, the banh mi sandwiches cost $6. When we went, the sandwiches were $8 each. that’s a 33% increase in just three months, which is insane. And I have the faintest feeling that people’s salaries are not increasing at the same rate. Living in Australia already is so expensive, and this definitely makes everything worse for the average person here.

Going through the supermarket the other day was also crazy to see how much things like fruit and meat cost; but from my perspective, since $1USD = about $1.47 AUD, it’s almost like I get about a 35% discount every time I buy something. So I have to readjust it in my head every time.

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