Packing and preparing for trips back to back

The great thing about having two trips nearly back to back is that even though you’re sad that the last trip has ended, you immediately have something fun to look forward to within just days. The bad thing about having two trips back to back is that it actually causes that much more stress to prepare, pack, and wrap up things you had to get done before you leave, especially when it’s end of year, and you’ll be away a long while. That includes things like… organizing everything in the apartment to ensure it’s all in the right place, doing laundry, cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry to ensure no bugs feast away while you’re gone, and nothing rots or goes bad; in our building, it means taking care of Christmas tips; with our nanny, it means making sure she gets paid and gets a nice Christmas card and gift from us. Oh, and don’t forget taking care of presents for people both here and wherever you are going. It’s a lot of stuff on top of managing things at work, and with a baby now, it’s even more tiring. It would be really nice to go away for an extended period of time and not have to worry about all these annoying obligations and “adult” things that need to get done while you are away.

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