Babyzen YoYo travel stroller for loan

A generous friend has offered to lend us her YoYo stroller for our Australia trip. Well, because we got it so far in advance, we’re actually going to take it to Germany, as well. The caveat to having a stroller that is so lightweight, easy to fold, and put in an overhead bin on an airplane? The fact that the basket under the seat can barely hold anything. It cannot even hold the diaper bag, of all things! Granted, I was never planning to do an entire grocery haul and store it under the YoYo, but geez, the storage is pretty horrendous on this. We met our friends in Jackson Heights for lunch to pick up the stroller from them, and so because of that, we took Kaia in the baby carrier to Queens and back home in the YoYo. They also gave us a bunch of their daughter’s old clothes (that are pretty much in brand new condition, and if worn before, only once!!) in a huge and heavy bag. And we also bought some groceries while out there. So we were struggling to carry all this stuff back on our backs and in our hands because barely anything fit in the stroller basket. It’s also why I limited how many things I bought to bring back.

I guess that’s why this is meant to be a travel stroller and not a primary stroller: even in our own backyard, this was annoying to use when carrying items that are not JUST the baby.

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