First work dinner since pre-COVID

My company is hosting a small networking dinner at the swanky, trendy Polo Bar in Manhattan this Thursday evening. It’s a spot where apparently celebrity sightings are normal, and it’s difficult to get a reservation. I got invited, as there was an extra spot, and I’m sure the team thought it would be good to have a non-sales, non-white, non-male person represent the company. So I agreed to come. I also thought it would be nice to go to a work event after almost three years. But I realized that I am totally out of practice with going to any type of work or networking event, and even something as simple as how to dress for one.

Throwing on a dress is the easiest thing, but I also have to think about slightly adjusting my pumping schedule to accommodate getting to the restaurant. I also have to think about my outfit overall, my makeup, my hair — all the things I never think much about when I am on a Zoom call where people can pretty much just see my face and my neck. I’ll have to “talk shop,” but I hope this will be a good event to make work a bit more normal in a type of an endemic.

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