Baby’s first lobster

While on the road today, Kaia had a few new “firsts” for foods today: lobster, cream, mayonnaise, and oyster. She absolutely loved the lobster. Not sure if it was the lobster itself or the butter/mayo that was in it, but she gobbled it up. We tried to limit how much she had since we didn’t want her exposed to too much salt. Luckily for her (AND us), she didn’t have any negative reactions to it. We also gave her a couple tastes of the lobster bisque we ordered, as well as a small taste of the oysters we got. She’d definitely been teething quite a bit over the last few days, as she’d been drooling a lot more and had a few bouts of fussiness. But while at a restaurant on Saturday night in Wilmington, she started making this strange wheezing sound, which immediately had me disturbed. Why would she make that strange sound? Is it just a new sound she’s learned to use her vocal chords to attract attention, or was she actually having issues breathing? And did it have anything to do with her exposure to shellfish earlier…?

She stopped doing it once Chris picked her up to hold her, which was good news, but it still had me a little worried. So we decided that even though our mains had just arrived, we’d down our drinks and take the food back to the hotel to eat. We’d never done that before with her, but we just wanted to make sure she was comfortable and warm.

In the end, she was fine. I think it was probably just more teething, as I do feel the teeth on her top of her mouth coming in; I can already feel the ridges poking out. But these things will always cause a little alarm, especially when you are on the road and not near home/the doctor.

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