10-month doctor’s visit and freebies at the pediatrician’s office

The nanny and I brought Kaia to the doctor’s office today thinking that we were just going in to get her second flu vaccine (baby flu vaccines are two doses), but they ended up taking all her vitals and doing a semi-thorough examination of her. I wasn’t expecting that, but it was nice to see her get measured and weighed again. The doctor is very pleased at her growth and proud of how much solids (and the variety of which!) she’s been getting. She was also not surprised at exactly how much Kaia hated being at the office. My baby cried the entire time she was getting measured. Then, when the doctor came in to examine her, she cried the whole time, not even stopping to allow the doctor to take a quick look at her little pupils. It was absolutely tortuous for her.

The funny thing I always notice every time I go to the pediatrician’s office is all the free samples: baby lotion, baby body/hair wash/shampoo, diaper rash cream, booger wipes. It’s always something different each visit. So me being me, I always scope out the new stuff to see if it would be anything interesting we could take with us during our travels given their size. I also leave a few items like rash cream or lotion in Kaia’s diaper bag. This time, there were booger wipes (yes, that’s what they are actually called), which I still haven’t used, as we had some other samples we were given previously. But there was also something completely not baby related: face wash with exfoliating beads in them. It looked like an item you’d get at the doctor’s office if you were a teenager, trying to figure out how to maintain and care for your skin.

Not sure how targeted those free samples were, but I guess free is still free, even if it’s not relevant to the audience. I suppose parents do need to wash their faces after all, so I grabbed two!

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